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A magical ritual for every day

Very often people limit their own happiness. In most cases, they do it unconsciously under the influence of complexes, fears, stress. In this article we offer you a ritual to attract success and happiness.

Every morning try to wake up in a good mood.

How to do that?

Very simply clap your hands and say: I give myself permission to be happy today. I allow luck to be with me. For sure, pleasant and joyful events will happen to you this day.

There is a ritual to charge with positive events every day of the week. This ritual is read in the morning on Monday. By performing it during the week, only good and pleasant events will certainly happen to you.

I allow the universe to send me good events on Monday.

I allow Tuesday my problems to disappear.

I allow on Wednesday everywhere and in everything to go my way.

I allow myself to do on Thursday what I have not been able to do before.

I allow the universe to give me pleasant surprises on Friday.

I give permission on Saturday to love everyone. So it is and so be it.

I allow on Sunday that luck will not leave me.

This ritual is good to read in front of a mirror and so the week will be wonderful and fruitful.

If during the week things do not go as you called them, you can read and repeat the ritual, so the positive attitude will return and you will cope with the situation.

Use this ritual to show the universe that you are ready for pleasant events.

We wish you luck!