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What does the moon have to do with our dreams?

In occultism, it is believed that the Moon can affect the subconscious especially during sleep. For this, each moon phase gives us certain information that can be very useful to us.

Growing Moon

During this period we receive information in our dreams about future events. Such dreams show us what we can expect in the future days, months and maybe even years. The plots of dreams are based on our desires, aspirations and plans related to the future. Such dreams show us what we need to change in our lives to achieve our goals.

Decaying Moon

With a waning Moon, dreams are related to the past. Such dreams reveal situations that have affected our lives in the past, be it last month or last year. The information in these dreams concerns started activities. The moon suggests what we can do quickly. During this period of a waning Moon, we will also see in a dream what or who we need to get rid of and thus save ourselves losses and problems.

Critical points

Each lunar month has four critical points. Such are the transitions when changing the phases of the moon: full moon, new moon, first and third quarter. During these periods we dream, dreams concerning major problems or tasks of our life at the present time. Psychological problems and internal conflicts and contradictions come to the fore. If you pay attention to the plots of dreams, then we can find a way out of crisis situations or include internal reserves to overcome these complexes.

New moon

On these days, the energy of the Sun dominates and the Moon is not visible from the earth. Next to the Sun is Mercury, which activates your intellect. Some people during this period of the Moon find original solutions, interesting ideas or creative ideas appear. For other people, too much information can cause depression. Dreams in this period show these situations and we should not think much but act.

Full moon

The Moon opposes the Sun and reaches maximum influence on the person. High Moon energy can lead to great sensuality and emotionality. To control these emotions is very difficult and almost impossible.. On such Moon Nights, dreams are very vivid and unusual. Such dreams show us what situations will excite us and what events we should refrain from our emotions.


When the Moon is in the first and third quarters of the sky between our satellite and the Sun, there are tense aspects that are known in Astrology as kata quadrature. At such times, people are very irritable. Dreams show us situations requiring harmony and balance of feelings and reason.

Try to remember your dreams and compare them with the phases of the moon, analyze the plots in such a way that you will be able to smooth out the sharp corners hindering your development, what and with whom to part with and how to move forward.