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Don't point at yourself!

Probably, each of us at least once in his life, talking about someone else's illness or injury, has tried to show on himself what and where it hurts - and in response he heard an exclamation: Don't show yourself!

This warning must be heeded by any reasonable person.

At the heart of this popular omen is the well-known laying-on-of-hands effect, which is a sacrament.

And waves and touches with hands are elements of contact magic, but only dedicated people understand them - those who perfectly control the energy of their own body.

In contrast to them, the average person often underestimates the power coming from the hands, because of this, he can unintentionally harm himself and others.

The thing is that when a person shows someone else's disease on himself, he does not think about healing, but about the severity of the disease. This action of his strengthens the negative energies of the disease, which can significantly worsen the condition of the patient himself, but also of the light-hearted narrator.

It is most dangerous to show foreign diseases on yourself with the left hand, since it is more often used by black magicians, in contrast to the right, which is well developed and more actively activated in white magicians.