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To overcome seasonal physical malaise and psychological discomfort, it is necessary to determine which energy you lack: male or female. Because one feels truly fit only if yin and yang are in balance.

Our skin is much more sensitive to cold than to heat, and winter colds, especially with wind, have a destructive effect on it. The skin dries up, becomes inflamed, begins to wither faster.

In case of a headache, it is useful to take a warm bath or steam the feet in hot water for 10-15 minutes. If the pain is caused by mental or emotional overwork, then these actions will be very appropriate. Warm water, especially if lavender oil is added, in this case the procedure will enjoy a quick and lasting effect.

Citrus fruits - Specialists have long concluded that citrus fruits help in the treatment of various infections, insomnia, flu, and help eyesight. If you have the opportunity, make your own juices. Citrus fruits provide us with vitamin A, B, but they are very rich in vitamin C.

Moderate tapping with both jaws on each other every night between 30-40 times is good for the teeth and improves kidney function. According to Chinese medicine, there is a strict relationship between the kidneys, bones and bone marrow, brain and teeth.