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People have lost the ability to smell their bodies by suffocating them with deodorants and colognes which is completely wrong. Each person's body emits a unique aroma that does not match another. In the middle of the last century, scientists discovered a special chemical agent androstenone, it is a component of male odor, to which only women react.

For some people, headaches occur so often that the use of medication becomes useless and unsafe. And here the question arises as to what means to use to relieve the suffering. Of course, the recipes shared are not 100 percent cures, but they certainly bring relief and, most importantly, do not harm health.

Winter is the season of colds and for that we need immunity, and of course we should not abandon morning gymnastics, walks, hardening, but a very important thing is food, which helps to activate the body's defenses.

For many people, the word diet causes panic and unpleasant emotions. Constantly counting calories and fighting the feeling of hunger prevents us from living life to the fullest. It is more realistic and beneficial to learn to eat less.

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