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The healing properties of stones have been known since ancient times. Their radiation affects the person as a whole and certain organs. The action of the stone largely depends on its purity and integrity. If the stone is bought, it comes into effect after a few years. Only gifted or inherited stones are lucky.

Even Pythagoras believed that numbers can influence people in an extraordinary way. There is a whole science of numerology, which makes it possible to predict and predict human destinies through numbers.

Many people do not understand that cutting nails is a special procedure that should be given the necessary attention. Astrologers have long noticed that it matters on which day people cut their nails and do a manicure. These procedures affect their emotional state. It should be borne in mind that nails are an indicator of a person's health.

The most common type of incense are the aromatic sticks. They are popular because they are easy to use, cheap and perfectly fit into any interior.