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What the face predicts about your health

According to Chinese medicine, the eyes, nose, mouth and cheeks can predict various ailments of the body. A healthy person is filled with a lot of energy and it shows on his face and vice versa, but we can understand some signs of ailments of our body and thus we will avoid many problems with our health.

Bags under the eyes - predict problems with the digestive system. For those who are relieved, the noise can be boiled from the cobs of the corn and the decoction can be drunk one cup in the evening.

Cross lines under the nose - speak of poor blood circulation. To improve the condition, a contrast shower is needed in the morning, which will stimulate blood circulation.

Chapped lips - a signal that many harmful substances such as nicotine and alcohol have accumulated in the body. To deal with the problem, you need to limit your bad habits and reduce the intake of fatty and sweet food.

Many red threads on the nose - possible problems with the respiratory system. The recommendation is to spend most of your time in the fresh air.

Vertical lines on the forehead - predict frequent headaches or diseases related to the head. For relief, it is necessary to engage in sports or simply to move a lot.

Many wrinkles above the upper lip - predict the onset of old age. At the beginning of such a period, various changes occur in the body. What needs to be done is to devote enough time to sleep, nutritious meals, more fresh fruits and vegetables.

Through this article, you will know where you can expect problems in your body, but it is also advisable to consult a specialist doctor.