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What ornaments cure diseases

According to occultists, metals have not only material value, but also healing and energetic properties.

Healing properties of gold

Gold rings give a person great energy. If you put a gold ring on your right hand, you will improve your mood, activate your strength of spirit and your will. Such ornaments will also protect you from depression. Gold ornaments can also be used to prevent heart diseases, in this case a gold medallion should be worn around the neck.


Silver has strong antibacterial properties, in addition, this metal has a beneficial effect on a person's mental state.

A silver ring worn on the ring finger of the left hand has a soothing effect on the whole organism.

A ring on the index finger helps to improve the work of the bile.

A ring on the little finger of the left hand improves the work of the heart.

At the same time, silver items are an indicator of your health condition, if the silver darkens, it may be a sign of illness or a negative impact on your body.


This metal has antibacterial properties and improves metabolism, stops inflammatory processes in the body, stops bleeding. First of all, it is used in the form of a bracelet.

Those who wear these metals can protect themselves from diseases and maintain their immunity.