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What dreams warn of diseases

If you see the pictures written above during a dream, you need to take measures to preserve your health. It is believed that the pictures we see in a dream have a certain meaning for our lives. The dream warns and predicts what the inner state of the person is, predicts his future and what diseases may befall him.

There are some plots to which special attention should be paid. Dreams can predict what you may soon get sick with.

Diseases of the heart

As a rule, people who are about to have problems with the cardiovascular system begin to see the following picture in a dream. They bury them underground, throw stones at their chests. It is characteristic of such dreams that everything a person has experienced in a dream is preserved as a sensation even after he wakes up.

Flu and cold

Dreaming of ponds is a warning of a recent flu or cold illness. The same meaning applies when a person dreams that he is bathing in cloudy water.

Skin diseases

Dreaming of insects portends the imminent onset of skin diseases.


Future hypertensives usually dream of war. They conduct combat operations, shoot and operate with military equipment.


When a person dreams that he is dragging heavy objects and making great physical efforts, it can be predicted that arthritis will soon overtake him.


This disease manifests itself through the following dreams. A person stands at the edge of the precipice and is afraid of falling, if he falls, the disease will occur soon.

Mild ailments

In mild illnesses, a person gasps in sleep. He can see himself wearing tight clothes in which he cannot move or breathe.