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Treatment of diseases by finger massages

You have heard about acupuncture that can help with various diseases. Ancient people knew how by massaging the fingers of the hand they could influence the healing of certain diseases.

Massage to reduce appetite

To reduce appetite, the tip of the little finger should be massaged. Men should massage it counterclockwise until 12 o'clock during the day, and clockwise after 12 o'clock. Women should do it opposite to men, 12 clockwise and after 12 counterclockwise.

Massage for liver disease

Chinese doctors used the hands not only for massage but also for diagnosing diseases. If the fingers are deformed and when trying to keep only the index finger straight, you cannot hold it for a long time, this may mean possible problems with the liver. To improve the activity of the liver, you can massage the tip of the index finger for a few minutes.

Massage for a runny nose

In cases of runny nose, you should find the painful point on the tip of the thumb of the left hand. At this point put a pea, or buckwheat grain or other cereal plant and secure it with a band-aid. Periodically press the nipple and this way you will drive away the runny nose.

Massage for sore knees

If your calluses hurt and it's hard to fold them, massage your ring and middle fingers. The right knee corresponds to the ring finger and the left to the middle finger.

Massage for fatigue

For this, it is necessary that the index finger and thumb of the right hand massage the little finger of the left hand. For starting from the top and moving to its base. In this way, you will overcome mental tension and get rid of stress. Even if you are absolutely healthy and nothing hurts, such a massage can preserve your health for many years.