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The secret properties of water

By the word water, people understand rain, snow, they form rivers, lakes and seas. Water carries a huge potential, it gives life. Her power and capabilities are immense.

Water also has many magical properties, a lot is known about the power of Holy water, it is able to heal the body and soul of man, to manifest its magical qualities the main thing is to love water. It is love and gratitude that will open the doors to contact with her.

Unique properties of water

There is an amazing hypothesis that water has a memory. Water remembers everything that happens in the space surrounding it. Thanks to the sealed information, it acquires new properties and changes its structure, but its chemical composition remains the same. Scientists suggest that it is water molecules that form stable groups of crystals through which water hears and feels. Love increases the energy of water and aggression decreases sharply. Also, prayers are of great importance to water structures.

For example, water sanctified in a temple, such water is considered healing and is distinguished by an increased content of silver and has great cleansing capabilities.

Water treatment methods

According to scientists and occultists, if we turn to water with good thoughts and gratitude, its qualities improve. In this regard, Japanese scientists emphasize that the use of water, which carries certain information, can significantly change a person's consciousness.

Therefore, before drinking a glass of water, smile and say words of gratitude. This fact is not only theoretically but also practically justified

Say a prayer to the water and if you have a sick person sprinkle it on him and his clothes, do this procedure for several days in a row, give the sick person to drink from the water and wash his face with it, and with great faith and well-observed instructions, the result will not is late

For insomnia, take a glass of water with your right hand. Say a prayer and drink three sips before going to bed, with the rest of the water spray your face, neck and chest. After several repetitions of the ritual, you will forget about insomnia. The important thing is to be persistent and confident in the favorable outcome.

As Exupery said, water is life.