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Physical discomfort is a sign of emotional failure

Each part of our body is responsible for certain emotions. Therefore, physical pains can arise not only from traumas but also from emotional problems.


This is a signal that you have had a very stressful day and you need to unwind, engage in your hobby or sport.

Neck pain

If you have such pains, it is a sign that you are worried about people close to you. For their life health, work, intimate partners.

Pain in the shoulders

A sign of serious emotional problems involving people close to you. Gather courage and speak openly and you will surely be understood.

Upper back pain

You do not have a strong enough emotional support for your actions. If you are single, focus on finding a suitable partner.


A sign that you have serious financial problems. It is desirable to change your approach to financial matters.

Elbow pain

This pain predicts that you are resisting the changes that will happen in your life. Make the necessary compromises to solve the problem.

Pain in hands

You have a hard time connecting with people. Try to relax and give your best when dealing with people.

Hip pain

You are afraid to take risks and move forward. If you dare to risk more fortune will watch over you.

Pain in the shin

You think too much of yourself. Get down to earth and pay due attention to the people around you.