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Nail care

Many people do not understand that cutting nails is a special procedure that should be given the necessary attention. Astrologers have long noticed that it matters on which day people cut their nails and do a manicure. These procedures affect their emotional state. It should be borne in mind that nails are an indicator of a person's health.

If there is a full moon, it would be good to postpone any procedures related to your nails. Because the nails are connected to many energy points of the body. During the period of the full moon, your psychic powers are stretched to the limit. It is important to pay attention to the biological rhythm and to comply with the lunar phases in all human activities.

Manicure in the full moon is very dangerous because you can cut yourself and at that time the bleeding increases.

Which day is suitable for nail work?


According to astrologers, this day is very suitable for working on your nails. After the necessary procedures, a person will get rid of negative emotions, and then he will certainly feel an emotional uplift.


Trimming your nails in this day will help you to react faster, which will help you solve very important tasks quickly, and you will protect yourself from troubles that may befall you.


The most suitable time for a manicure, with the help of this procedure you have a chance to free yourself from heavy thoughts. Your nervous system will calm down and calm down.


If you feel that it is difficult to contact people, then the procedures on Thursday will allow you to have greater confidence in yourself.


It would be good to refrain from procedures concerning your nails, because you will slow down the biological processes in your body and cause depression.


Working on your nails on this day can help you reveal your hidden talents and thus gain recognition in society.


On this day, procedures related to your nails are not recommended, because you can repel the patronage of higher forces.

Try to follow the advice of astrologers and refrain from manicures on inauspicious days.