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Medicines from nature

Citrus fruits - Specialists have long concluded that citrus fruits help in the treatment of various infections, insomnia, flu, and help eyesight. If you have the opportunity, make your own juices. Citrus fruits provide us with vitamin A, B, but they are very rich in vitamin C.

It is no coincidence that the orange is considered the king of citrus fruits because it helps to better absorb fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and mineral salts. Do not neglect the peel of citrus fruits, it contains a large amount of vitamin A, which nourishes the skin, has a wonderful effect on the liver, helps in the treatment and prevention of oncological diseases. Also, the essential oils contained in these fruits prevent the formation of cholesterol.


The bean is often called "the meat of the poor" it has high nutritional properties, it is distinguished by a high content of vegetable proteins. The content of dietary fibers in beans is especially high, and those that regulate the functions of the intestines and those that reduce the content of sugar and cholesterol in the blood. Beans are a rich source of amino acids, carbohydrates, calcium, iron and phosphorus. Beans are useful for diabetics because they lower blood sugar levels. Beans help in the treatment of rheumatism, kidney and liver diseases.

The beet

Beets are rich in vegetable proteins, vitamins A, B, C. It is important to remember that to preserve the vitamins, the root fruit must be boiled unpeeled. The other option is to grate the beets and season with oil, lemon juice and you will have a wonderful salad. It is recommended to patients with anemia, during an epidemic of flu, neuroses and liver diseases.


It is known that carrots treat eye diseases, anemia, rheumatism, liver diseases, prevent inflammation of the lungs. Carrots contain carbohydrates, potassium, calcium, carotene. In summer, the root of the fruit helps the skin to obtain a pleasant tan. Grated carrot or freshly squeezed carrot are recommended by dermatologists for burned or inflamed skin. Carrot is also useful for diabetics. In order to use all the nutrients, it is best to use unpeeled carrots.