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Let's laugh

Laughter expresses and evokes a wide variety of feelings and moods, and many things about a person can be predicted by how a person laughs. In a sense, laughter is our calling card.

Psychologists distinguish several types of laughter.

Laughter open you relieve, open laughter. He can be characterized by a naive cheerful disposition, a carefree mood and a positive attitude towards people

Another type of laughter is a giggle, a mixture of irony and scorn that expresses mystery and cunning with unclear subtext and intent.

Laughter in the form of ho-ho, this laughter sounds praiseworthy or threatening, sometimes mocking or protesting.

Loud laughter is thought to be indecent or unintelligent, but it is laughter that is the way to cool down a bureaucrat or belligerent fool or to lighten up a very tense situation.

Laughter is not just a manifestation of emotions, it is a unique and free medicine against many diseases. Much has been said about the role of laughter in strengthening our health. It relieves mental tension, restores mental comfort, and in this way we forget about the disease. Laughter causes emotional excitement, which is always accompanied by certain physiological reactions, such as changes in blood pressure, pulse and breathing rates, muscle tension.

Natural sincere laughter expands the small blood vessels, increases the flow of blood in the skin. Accelerated blood circulation facilitates the nutrition of the tissues of the body and all physiological processes are carried out better.

Healthy laughter is also an effective elixir of youth.