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How to stand correctly?

Who hasn't dreamed of a perfect gait and correct standing? But in modern life, having a healthy back and correct gait is hard work.

During the day, we get caught up in work and forget about our posture and gait, and this can contribute to health problems, back, neck, heart problems, and if we don't correct them in time, we can expect serious problems.

To check if you have correct posture, stand with your back to a flat vertical surface, touch your head to it, bring your legs together and relax your arms. If your posture is correct, you will be able to pass a hand between your body and a superficial one in the waist area. Always aim to walk and stand properly with your shoulders straight and your shoulder blades together.

During a conversation, do not put the phone between your ear and shoulder - this action of yours can get you into trouble. Do not abuse walking in high-heeled shoes. In this way, your lower back is under constant tension.