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How to properly eat under stress?

Modern life is full of stresses, we get nervous at work, swear on the phone, etc.

We go to bed late and get up early, rest a little and don't do sports. All this brings the body to chronic stress, and if you do not fight this condition, it can affect your body quite badly. A very important anti-stress factor is food. Many fight stress with sweets and thus gain extra pounds. But how to eat without harming the body?

Stress has such an impact on the body that it activates all its systems, overexerts them and damages the normal function of cells. Physiologically, if the stress is short-term and not very strong, it helps the body to activate, while chronic stress exhausts the body, and as a result, it causes heart diseases, neurological diseases and disrupts the metabolism. In this condition, the body consumes a lot of proteins, and without them, the internal organs work poorly. To compensate for this condition, his body needs a lot of calcium, which he takes from the bones, which subsequently begin to break, and the teeth and legs also suffer. The main thing here is to eliminate the feeling of hunger and eat small portions and low-calorie food. The products must be as natural and fresh as possible. It is good to include kiwi, pumpkin and seafood in the menu.

It is good to keep in mind that when we are upset or worried, it is not advisable to drink energy drinks, coffee or strong tea, but to replace them with natural juice or milk.