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How to easily get rid of headache without medicine?

For some people, headaches occur so often that the use of medication becomes useless and unsafe. And here the question arises as to what means to use to relieve the suffering. Of course, the recipes shared are not 100 percent cures, but they certainly bring relief and, most importantly, do not harm health.

Aromas have been used since ancient times and have helped in the treatment of many diseases. Lavender aroma helps best with headaches, it relaxes the body and reduces tension. The procedure is as follows: the oil is rubbed for about five minutes on the patient's forehead.

The saving cold

You can use a washcloth wet with cold water by placing it on your forehead. Attention - do not use ice wrapped in a towel because the effect will not be beneficial for you.

Fresh air is also a big help. Ventilate or go out on the balcony and breathe deeply for about five minutes. Relief will come quickly. Of course, consultation with a specialist is also desirable in case of prolonged and systemic headache.