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How to cleanse our body of toxins?

Buy rice with round, not oblong, grains. Take as many tablespoons of rice as you are old. Wash it, pour it into a jar, cover it with cold boiled water, close the lid and put it in the refrigerator.

In the morning, pour out the water, take it from the jar and take a tablespoon of rice, boil it and eat it on an empty stomach, but before half past seven in the morning. Pour the remaining rice in the jar with water again and place in the refrigerator. Do the same procedures every morning until the rice runs out.

One hour after the healing breakfast, you can eat whatever you want and eat as you are used to.

The secret of this method of cleansing the body is that the rice grain has a crystal grid. By soaking the grain, and then pouring out the water, we remove the starch contained in the rice along with it.

Cells form on the grains, which attract what we call slags. In this way, not only the stomach is cleaned, but also the whole body.