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How are cats treated?

Cats are considered domestic healers. It is believed that the cat can heal and warn about the occurrence of diseases in humans, but not all cats have this ability, only those who are in very close relations with their owner.

There are statistics according to which cat owners go to the doctor much less than people who do not own cats.

How do they treat cats?

Cardiovascular diseases

Many stories are known in the world when cats have literally saved their owners from heart attacks and hypertensive crises. In addition, scientists have come to the conclusion that having a cat at home reduces the risk of repeated heart attacks.

Stress, high blood pressure, migraine

Cats are able to quickly normalize blood pressure, eliminate nervous tension and headaches. Doctors consider Angora and Persian cats to be the most suitable for this endeavor. Also, black cats have the opportunity to collect negative energy, striped cats give off positive energy and keep the body in good shape.

Boosting immunity

The purring of cats increases the immunity of a person, in addition, this sound accelerates the healing of wounds and contributes to the faster healing of bones.

Cats as diagnosticians

Cats can tell what disease their owner is suffering from. If the cat constantly stands at the head of its owner, then he suffers from migraine or hypertension. If it lies on the left shoulder blade of its owner, he probably has heart problems. If it lies in the area of the waist, kidney problems are likely. Lying at the feet of its owner predicts low blood pressure.

And most importantly, it should not be forgotten that all this can be achieved if the cat feels the love of its owner.