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Healing properties of stones

The healing properties of stones have been known since ancient times. Their radiation affects the person as a whole and certain organs. The action of the stone largely depends on its purity and integrity. If the stone is bought, it comes into effect after a few years. Only gifted or inherited stones are lucky.

What stones can be used for different diseases

Alcoholism - amethyst, amber

Allergy - zircon, coral, sapphire

Infertility, female diseases - emerald, diamond - for easy childbirth, amber for preserving pregnancy, mountain crystal, amethyst - for diseases of the genital organs

Insomnia - turquoise, topaz, amethyst, ruby, diamond

Pain in the joints - put coral, jasper, lapis lazuli on the sick joint

Bronchial asthma - sapphire, moonstone, ruby, pearl

Migraine headache - jade, agate, amethyst

Diabetes - pearl, emerald, sapphire

Kidney disease - lapis lazuli, white jade, coral, moonstone, emerald

Diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system - topaz, mountain crystal, ruby, cat's eye, agate

Stomach diseases - amethyst, topaz, jasper

Diseases of the heart - coral, amber, granite, tiger's eye

Skin diseases - amber, diamond, sapphire, emerald

Mental illnesses - sapphire, diamond, topaz, pearl, ruby

Liver, bile - amber, topaz, mountain crystal

Toning action for the whole organism - granite, ruby