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Healing properties of silver

Silver is a very popular metal, it makes a lot of beautiful jewelry, it can also be used for medicinal purposes.

Healing and magical properties of silver water

Silver is able to give healing and magical properties to water. For example, put a silver spoon in a glass of water in the evening and drink from this water in the morning, so you will protect yourself from people with bad intentions towards you. You can also wash your face with this water and thus get rid of bad thoughts. In the past, women used the silver water for morning and evening face washes. This procedure gave a good and quick result, the skin on their faces became smooth and fresh. Nowadays, many cosmetic companies include silver in the composition of their cosmetic products.

Another healing property of silver is anti-microbial. The tradition of giving a silver spoon when a child's first tooth appears has ancient roots and sacred meaning. The spoon protected the child from evil spirits and other impurities. In addition, placed in his water, it protected him from various diseases. In the past, water was carried in silver vessels during the marches of the troops. Silver kept the water fresh for a long time and gave it medicinal properties. Doctors in the past used silver plates, put them on the wounds and in this way they healed faster. Modern medicine also uses silver nitrate in the treatment of wounds and warts. Nowadays, silver solutions are used in the treatment of rheumatism, bronchial asthma and colds. Folk healers claim that silver bracelets stabilize the nervous system, get rid of migraines and improve vision. Wearing a silver ring on the ring finger of the left hand helps regulate blood pressure.

Which zodiac signs does silver suit?

Silver is a perishable metal, so there are no special restrictions. Silver is closely related to the Moon and the Moon to the subconscious. Sensitive people wearing silverware may reveal healing, telepathic abilities. Silver products are also suitable for people whose horoscopes are strongly influenced by water and air elements. In such cases, silver helps them achieve their goals and attract favorable circumstances.

Remember that if a silver object has become your talisman, you should not let it be touched or worn by other people, otherwise the silver will offend you and withdraw its blessing from you.