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Five secrets for health and longevity

How to stay young, healthy and energetic? How to preserve our youth physically and mentally?

Don't think about your age

The date of your birth has nothing to do with your physical and mental state. If you feel like you're 18, use that to your advantage. A healthy person will not think about his illnesses, but will look at life positively.

Don't stand still

If you want to feel healthy and young, don't stand still. Lead an active life, do sports, often go for walks in nature. These actions of yours will transform you beyond recognition.

Be creative

When a person creates something by himself, such as a painting, a poem, a wood carving, his life becomes bright and saturated.

Relax and rest

Don't overwhelm yourself with work and tasks. To be successful in all your endeavors learn to relax both physically and emotionally. Practice meditation and get in touch with nature more. So you will be able to maintain your energy balance.

Eat more garlic, honey and walnuts. Garlic will clear your skin, honey will strengthen your immunity, walnuts will protect you from serious diseases.

These recommendations will help you to be in great shape and to accept life's challenges with joy.