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Exercise puts an end to insomnia

The purpose of this exercise is to bring your thoughts to your body and breathing. At some point your mind will calm down and focus on your breathing and you will fall asleep.

Get comfortable in your bed. Relax and focus on your body. Feel the connection between your body and the bed you are lying on.

Relax completely so you can easily fall into a deep sleep.

If your thoughts try to wander, then constantly bring them back to focus on your body. Then smoothly bring your attention to your breathing. Feel how your breath fills your belly, your chest, and how the air comes in and out through your nose. Take a deep breath and hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale. Trace the path of the air passing through your body.

Then mentally look around your body and see where you are still tense. Direct your breathing to these points to remove this tension. In this way, concerting on your breathing and body, you will develop a reflex that, thanks to breathing and concentration on your body, will help you relax completely. In this way, sleep will not be late.

We wish you luck!