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Diet according to the days of the week

According to occultists, such a diet can be compiled for every day of the week to guarantee people health and longevity.


The day is ruled by the moon. On this day, it is recommended to eat bananas, mushrooms, oatmeal, potatoes, cucumbers, pumpkin, dairy products and porridge. Spicy spices, greasy and fatty foods, alcohol and sweets are not recommended.


The day is ruled by Mars, on this day it is recommended to eat hot and spicy foods, beans, peas, eggs, onions, garlic, radishes. Refrain from eating pasta and sweet foods. Basil and hawthorn tea will invigorate you.


During the day of Mercury, carrots, beets, cauliflower, salads, peas, beans, dried fruits are suitable for consumption. Avoid consumption of meat and dairy products


The planet Jupiter is the patron of the day and allows a free choice of food, one should not overdo it with sweets and potatoes. Include lemons, cabbage in your menu. During this day, the liver is very vulnerable, so do not drink alcohol.


During this day you can take sweet things honey, fruits, walnuts, almonds. Nettles and leeks will be very useful.


The day is ruled by Saturn. Foods rich in calcium and phosphorus are recommended. You can also eat eggs, cheese, cottage cheese, dried fruits, strawberries, plums, cherries. If you drink alcohol, it should be in small quantities.


The sun is the patron of the day. During this day, you should not overeat or overeat. Consume grapes, almonds, oranges, sunflowers.