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Boosting immunity

Winter is the season of colds and for that we need immunity, and of course we should not abandon morning gymnastics, walks, hardening, but a very important thing is food, which helps to activate the body's defenses.

Of course, all fresh products help to strengthen immunity, being a source of vitamins, minerals and nutrients, but especially important are garlic, honey, ginger and lemons.

Many times garlic has saved the world from epidemics. It is a product that brings health and strength to its consumer and has recognized anti-inflammatory and immune-stimulating properties. Lemon - this bright yellow citrus has long been known for its healing properties. Its sour taste causes copious salivation and increases appetite. The high concentration of vitamin C stimulates immunity, and if you use lemons every day, you will be energized and the portion of vitamin C will strengthen your immune defense.

Honey - this delicacy produced by bees has been known for its healing properties since ancient times. It has an anti-inflammatory, immunostimulating and antiseptic effect. It would be good to consume it in the morning and evening, of course, in moderate quantities.