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Between yin and yang

To overcome seasonal physical malaise and psychological discomfort, it is necessary to determine which energy you lack: male or female. Because one feels truly fit only if yin and yang are in balance.

Violations usually occur between two seasons. Thus summer is yang and winter yin, while spring and autumn are intermediate stages between them. Therefore, in our organism, the disharmony between the feminine and the masculine most often occurs in autumn and spring with all the resulting consequences - depression, low self-esteem, exacerbation of chronic diseases.

So if you experience a decrease in strength and a lack of energy, calculate from which the outflow of which yin or yang energy is causing this. The test in which you have to choose one answer to each question will help you in this endeavor.

Do you talk loudly?

YAN- usually yes

Yin usually does not.

Gestures during a conversation?

YAN- rather yes

IN- rather not

If you feel pain in your stomach, it usually occurs

YANG- after taking food

IN- when you haven't eaten for a long time

how do you sleep

YAN- I often suffer from insomnia

IN- much longer than others

How's your blood pressure?

YANG- usually rising

IN- has recently been lowered

How's your appetite?

YAN- is promoted

IN- is lowered

how are your eyes

YAN- they shine

IN- they don't shine and look dull.

What is your language?

YAN - bright red

IN- pale

What is your body temperature?

YAN- slightly elevated

IN- lowered

If you have more answers with Yang, you have an excess of Yang male energy. Make an effort to eat foods that Eastern medicine refers to as yin and, conversely, reduce the use of yang products. You should eat rye bread, oatmeal, walnuts, potatoes, fish, meat. And the products that you should not consume are carrots, apples, pumpkin. Physical activity is useful, but it should not be very intense.

If you have more Yin answers, you have an excess of Yin female energy. To improve self-esteem, it is better to give preference to yang products. Carrots, cabbage, radishes, onions. In general, meat consumption should be reduced. As for physical activity, it would be good to do tennis, aerobics, dancing.

When the correct balance between Yin and Yang is restored you can return to your usual menu until the next intermediate season.