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A few tips for healthy skin

Our skin is much more sensitive to cold than to heat, and winter colds, especially with wind, have a destructive effect on it. The skin dries up, becomes inflamed, begins to wither faster.

During the winter months, the skin suffers not only from the cold, but also from the change in temperatures. When we go out and then return home, the skin adapts but red spots appear. In short, if you want to keep your attractive appearance, take care of special skin protection during the winter months.

In winter, it is better not to wash your face with tap water. Make yourself a weak tea in the evening. You can use salted boiled water for washing.

It is not recommended to wash your face before going out in the cold air, especially when it is windy. Therefore, it is good to rub the skin of your hands with ice. This procedure hardens the skin and makes it strong and elastic.

Do not go outside immediately after washing - evaporating the residual moisture will cause even greater cooling. It is unacceptable to use moisturizing creams. To protect the skin in winter, creams with a high content of natural fats and wax are used. They should be applied to the face no later than 30 minutes before going outside.

Before leaving the house in cold and frosty weather, it is very good to rub a mixture of castor or camphor oil into the skin of the face and hands.

You can prepare protective creams for the cold yourself.

Protective cream for normal and dry skin.

One teaspoon each of lemon cream, zinc oil and vegetable oil.

Protective cream for oily skin. One teaspoon each of zinc oil and vegetable oil-olive oil.