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Sun in Scorpio

Scorpio is a sign of action, internal contradictions, crises and transformation. Scorpio is a sign of born fighters, he will spend time, energy, strength and will to find the weak point of his enemy and will wait for a favorable moment when he can defeat him.

During the period when the Sun will be in the sign of Scorpio, most important processes will take place in secret. Visible tension will give way to behind the scenes. Patience is the main quality that will bring success to people during this period.

In this article, we will introduce you to the main highlights for the zodiac signs, where they will need to increase their strength and attention, what they will need to change, where they can expect crises, and also the area of ​​attention through which they have a chance to change their destiny.


Representatives of the sign of Aries may face crises of different types and meanings, but after the passage of the Sun into the next sign, they will conquer new heights in the service and in personal relationships and will gain power over a new energy flow. The partnership issues about representatives of the zodiac will have to pay more attention to the ownership of this. Their sexual appetite will increase, which will help them solve many of their intimate problems.


During this period, Taurus will have the opportunity to solve many problems both in business and in personal relationships. The transformations that will follow will lead to a renewal of alliances. Single representatives of the zodiac will have the opportunity to find a new partner or start a new venture.


Their high activity during the period of the Sun's residence in Scorpio and the accurate performance of the tasks assigned to them will allow the representatives of the sign to receive recognition in the activity they are engaged in, which in turn will lead to an increase in income or an offer for a better paid work.


During this period, many of the representatives of the sign will have a chance to change their image. Each Cancerian will have the opportunity to write the script of his life and will find the best way of expression. The great attention that Cancer will pay to beloved creatures and children will bring him pleasure and joy.


Most of the representatives of the zodiac will deal with this during the period. When the Sun passes through the sign of Scorpio Leo, it is not desirable to make large investments.


Many of the representatives of the zodiac will reassess their capabilities, reveal their talents and implement what they have learned over the years. This knowledge and experience will bring them income, and classmates or fellow students will help them realize their plans.


Many of the representatives of the zodiac will have desires to increase their income. These wishes of theirs will be able to come true by increasing their self-confidence and having an adequate assessment of their capabilities, this will help them achieve material well-being.


The passage of the Sun through their sign will lead to a transformation, their personal influence and control over their environment will increase. Many of the representatives of the sign will occupy a leadership position, but this can cause a crisis in partner relations.


A desire to help others, a need to share a lot of their knowledge will lead to changes in the environment of Sagittarius. Representatives of the sign will have to avoid noisy companies and engage in self-improvement.


New hobbies, new acquaintances, this will be a favorable period for the realization of their desires. Many representatives of the sign will regain their sexual temperament and personal magnetism, this will help them solve their problems in their personal lives. Some Capricorns may receive interesting job offers from old colleagues or acquaintances.


Above all, Aquarians will deal with their careers. They will rethink their professional approaches and achievements. Most likely, their family or people from their close environment will help to realize their cherished dreams.


Travel and desire for new knowledge will be the main driving forces during the period. Many Pisces will increase their magnetic charm, will have many contacts with different social groups. New career opportunities will open up for some representatives of the sign, while others will change their spiritual orientations.