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How do the planets affect people's lives?

As is known, the human horoscope is based on the location of the planets. Many people accept the movement of the planets as natural, but not everyone knows that the planets in the horoscope do not start acting immediately after the birth of the person, they are included gradually one after the other.

THE MOON – affects up to 7 years of age

The Moon is included first in the horoscope. The moon in astrology is considered a female planet because of its cyclical nature, and when it is included in a person's horoscope, it is seen as a mother, and this is not accidental. The moon begins to influence a person's horoscope from the first minutes of his birth.

The influence of the Moon in a person's horoscope is manifested through emotions. It is the Moon that determines the psychological personality type of a person and his emotional reactions. What kind of emotional reactions prevail depends on which sign of the zodiac the Moon falls into in a person's horoscope.

MERCURY – influences from 7 to 14 years of age

Mercury is the planet that shows the mental abilities and peculiarities of thinking. The planet is responsible for communications and naturally influences contacts with other people. It is interesting that in the human horoscope, Mercury is included precisely at the age of 7, when the child enters school and comes into contact with society. He gets used to new orders and conditions, new habits develop. An understanding of what is discipline and proper behavior in a group is built. The position of the planet in the horoscope will show how he will react to new conditions and interact with those around him.

VENUS - influences from 14 to 24 years of age

In astrology, Venus is a traditional indicator of love and beauty, it also influences relationships between people and protects friendships. On a physical level, Venus in a person's life is associated with his physical development. In this period, the body gradually transforms from childish to adult. Secondary sex characteristics develop. A person begins to realize the ideals of the beauty of the opposite sex, it is then that people experience their first love.

HEARTS - affects from 24 to 35 years of age

When the Sun is included, a person is already a formed personality. He knows what he wants and how to realize his plans. This is a very important moment because it is precisely by the Sun of a person that it is understood to which zodiac sign he belongs. It is precisely during this period that a person realizes his potential laid down at the moment of his birth.

MARS - affects from 35 to 46 years of age

Mars is traditionally a male planet. It gives strength and energy to its owner. Strength that comes from training and fighting life's difficulties. Unfortunately, according to statistics, it is during this period that people die from heart attacks or strokes, and those with chronic diseases become frequent guests of hospitals. Those people who can preserve themselves during this period, Mars will endow them with beauty and an increase in their energy potential.

JUPITER- influences from 46 to 57 years of age

The period when Jupiter is included in a person's life, as a rule, is accompanied by self-determination of the personality in society. This is because Jupiter in a person's horoscope is responsible for his contacts and opportunities for self-realization in society. If a person tries to show himself brightly in society, Jupiter provides him with the best opportunities. It is known that the majority of politicians and public figures reach their maximum potential precisely at this age. In this period, stimulators can be close people, friends and relatives.

SATURN - influences from 57 to 70 years of age

Saturn in astrology is known as the planet of limitations. This planet gives the person some framework in which he finds himself. These can be both physical and social. Since Saturn is the ruler of time, one wonders how much time he has left and will be able to accomplish what he set out to do. It is not appropriate during this period for people to panic over missed opportunities and thus create health problems. It is during this period that some people change their status and become masters and deserve recognition, students and followers.

URANUS - affects from 70 to 84 years of age

In astrology, Uranus is considered to be a planet of unbridled elements and manifests its properties as a patron of various energies. But does this mean that with the inclusion of Uranus, new powers and opportunities will appear? It's not quite the thing that Uranus does bring great energy, but not everyone can work with that energy. A person who can adapt to the new conditions at the age of 70 Uranus will reward him with strength and health sufficient to move forward.

NEPTUNE - from 84 to 100 years of age

Neptune is a very mysterious planet, patron of all things mysterious and mysterious. It is not by chance that Neptune is considered the ruler of the 12th astrological house where the zodiac circle ends. Mirages, illusions and other incomprehensible phenomena are associated with this planet. Neptune works on our mind and subconscious. Auditory and visual hallucinations often occur at this age. People begin to see their deceased relative. This is precisely why people in the past revered the old people, who through their abilities could give them valuable advice.