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Cycles of the planet Saturn

In twenty-nine and a half years, Saturn returns to the initial position it was at your birth. This means that around the thirtieth anniversary of your birth, the planet has completed its first cycle.

Astrologically, the first cycle up to thirty years is a period of apprenticeship. When people do not have the strength to be independent, to separate from their family. This does not mean that they do not have freedom of action, but it is unlikely that they will make the right choice.

This time is accompanied by great changes in people's consciousness. And a desire to change everything in their life. Such as ending unnecessary relationships, ending an unnecessary lifestyle, switching to another job.

Some people may also have positive changes such as the birth of a child, the creation of their own family or a cardinal change in terms of material and work.

The first period of Saturn is the training of life. In this period, people's actions do not depend only on them, but on their family, parents and the environment in which they grew up.

The second period spans from the thirty to the fifty-eighth anniversary of people's lives. This is a time when people are in the prime of their powers. This is a period during which people express their nature.

The third period is the period from the fifty-eighth to the eighty-ninth anniversary of people's lives. This is the period when people can pass on their knowledge and experience to other people. This is the period of mentoring.

Do not be afraid of the changes that the planet provokes in your life. Be persistent and brave and bravely accept the challenges of Saturn!